Individuals wanting to support the work of People’s Policy Project can sign up to be a recurring contributor on the ActBlue platform or the Patreon platform.

For every dollar you pledge on Patreon, People’s Policy Project receives around 90 cents. For every dollar you pledge on ActBlue, People’s Policy Project receives around 96 cents. Despite ActBlue’s lower fees, Patreon still accounts for most of our supporters. This is primarily because we were on Patreon from the very beginning and only joined ActBlue around 6 months later. This is also probably partly because the Patreon interface and community are more appealing to many of our supporters.

If your goal is to pledge in the most efficient way possible, then you should do so using the ActBlue platform. But if you are already on Patreon or find the community features of Patreon more attractive, then you should contribute on the Patreon platform. Either way we are grateful for any support we get.