Starting this month, I am going to publish a monthly Starbucks Union report using data from the NLRB and A More Perfect Union. This report will provide the best estimates of where the unionization drive is at the moment and how much it has progressed in the last month compared to prior months.

Union Elections and ULP Charges

In May, the Starbucks Union filed 67 unfair labor practice charges against Starbucks, a likely indicator of widespread lawbreaking by the company as part of its anti-union campaign.

Despite the company’s anti-union campaign, the Starbucks Union won 60 union elections last month, which increased the size of the union by around 1,473 workers. At the end of May, the Starbucks Union had successfully organized 102 stores covering 2,815 workers.

Mar 2022Apr 2022May 2022Current Total
Unfair Labor Practice Charges434567182
Election Wins43560102
Workers Unionized122109514732815
Election Filings716542291

Also in May, the Starbucks Union filed for elections at 42 new Starbucks stores. So far, the union has won around 88 percent of the elections that have been run, with each election victory adding an average of 28 workers to the union. If these same numbers hold going forward, then the 42 election filings in May will eventually yield 37 election victories covering 1,019 Starbucks workers.

By the end of May, there were 162 open election filings where an election had not yet been run. If past success rates hold, these 162 elections will result in 142 union victories covering 3,931 workers over the next few months.

Combining the results from the 102 elections that have already been won with these 142 projected election victories puts the likely current size of the Starbucks Union at 244 stores covering 6,746 workers.


By the end of May, the Starbucks Union had won elections in 67 cities across 26 states.

CityUnionized Starbucks Stores
Eugene, OR7
Seattle, WA5
Portland, OR5
Philadelphia, PA4
Pittsburgh, PA4
Richmond, VA4
Denver, CO3
Ithaca, NY3
Knoxville, TN2
Chicago, IL2
Santa Cruz, CA2
Jacksonville, FL2
Boston, MA2
New York, NY2
Buffalo, NY2
Rochester, NY2
Mesa, AZ2
Birmingham, AL1
Avondale, AZ1
Phoenix, AZ1
Los Angeles, CA1
Lakewood, CA1
Long Beach, CA1
Colorado Springs, CO1
Louisville, CO1
Miami Springs, FL1
Tallahassee, FL1
Augusta, GA1
Peoria, IL1
Overland Park, KS1
Louisville, KY1
Waban, MA1
Watertown, MA1
Brighton, MA1
Brookline, MA1
Allston, MA1
Olney, MD1
Linthicum Heights, MD1
Baltimore, MD1
Grand Rapids, MI1
Minneapolis, MN1
St. Paul, MN1
Independence, MO1
Boone, NC1
Hamilton, NJ1
Summit, NJ1
Hopewell (Township), NJ1
Latham, NY1
Massapequa, NY1
Brooklyn, NY1
Amherst, NY1
Depew, NY1
Hamburg (Town), NY1
Columbus, OH1
Cleveland, OH1
Oklahoma City, OK1
Anderson, SC1
Greenville, SC1
Leesburg, VA1
Newport News, VA1
Farmville, VA1
Falls Church, VA1
Midlothian, VA1
Everett, WA1
Olympia, WA1
Plover, WI1
Oak Creek, WI1

Eugene, Oregon currently leads the pack with 7 unionized Starbucks locations.