Because papers take quite a while to produce and this project has just begun, we do not yet have any completed papers ready to publish. But this will change soon.

We have commissioned a paper on how to do long-term care within a single payer health care system from an expert in that area. This is an important but often neglected piece of the single payer puzzle. This paper should be completed in the fall and will get the ball rolling on our single payer coverage.

Next month, the Federal Reserve is expected to release its triennial wealth survey, the Survey of Consumer Finances. Once this releases, we will produce papers on all things pertaining to the assets and debts of American families. This will include a paper on the racial wealth gap unlike anything other think tanks produce. We will also be able to assess how wealth fared under the Obama administration, look at student debt trends, and see how well-equipped older Americans are for retirement.

Also next month, the Census will release the Annual Social and Economic Supplement for 2016. With this data, we will be able to produce papers on poverty, income inequality, and income disparities between groups.